Hello friends!

Hello friends! Welcome to my blog! Here we are going to talk about cooking! But before I share with you what the blog will consist of, I want to tell you a bit about my journey. Well, since I was little I love to cook, I cooked with everybody, with my grandmother with my father and my mother with ALL PEOPLE ahahah! In parallel I had another rgande dream, to be photographed, and it was in this area that I graduated! At this time I already work and I already have my life organized, so, and as I always cooked to cook as I said, I decided to create a blog with some of my recipes and also some inspirations of mine (like chefs web pages I see enough times , videos, curiosities about food etc …). So being my blog will have all kind of cuisine, will not be specialized in any, and between tips and curiosities I’ll try to pass on everything you’ve learned and everything I love to eat and cook! I hope you like it and participate with suggestions with recipes or even if you just want to give hello!